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What you need to know about SeaTac parking

The Seattle - Tacoma (SeaTac) Airport is one of the busiest in the U.S. On average, 50 million passengers travel through the airport each year. SeaTac Airport has over 12,000 onsite parking spaces and even more offsite spots. Even so, finding a vacant parking spot with affordable SeaTac parking rates can be quite stressful. Parking at Seattle Airport can be easy if you book your SeaTac parking spot with We offer the cheapest SeaTac parking rates, that too, with instant and guaranteed booking. When you book with us, you'll get to choose from some of the top-rated parking at Seattle Airport. With our instant booking plus easy contactless parking, you can park and fly from SeaTac with peace of mind!

Here's all the information you’ll need to make an informed choice on parking at Seattle Airport:

Onsite Parking Seattle Airport

The official SeaTac parking lots host over 12,000 parking spaces offering both long term and short term parking at varying rates.

SeaTac parking options

The 3 types of parking Seattle Airport offers includes

SEA long term parking
SEA short term parking
Monthly parking at SeaTac

Onsite SeaTac parking rates

SEA long term parking lots

SEA long term parking is available at the General Parking Garages and the Terminal Direct Garages.

SEA long term parking lot SeaTac parking rates
General Parking Garages $32 per day
Terminal Direct Garages $39 per day
Monthly parking program $375 per month
Offsite SEA long term parking lot with shuttle $4.35 per day

Short term SeaTac parking rates

Short term parking spots at SeaTac Airport is available at the

SEA short term parking lot SeaTac parking rates
General Parking Garages $5 per hour
Terminal Direct Garages $6 per hour
Offsite SeaTac parking with shuttle $4.35 per day

Offsite parking at SeaTac Airport

If you don't mind parking offsite rather than onsite at SeaTac Airport, you'll have a much wider range of choices. We have gathered these choices to make it easy for you to book, park, and fly from SeaTac! There's no way parking at SeaTac Airport gets simpler than this. The booking process is quite simple. Here’s how you can book the cheapest parking Seattle Airport has to offer in 3 easy steps!

SeaTac International Airport Parking FAQs

How much is parking at SeaTac Airport?

Onsite parking at SeaTac Airport will cost you somewhere from $32 per day at the General parking garage to $39 per day at the Terminal Parking garage. The lowest-priced onsite SeaTac parking onsite is available at the General parking garage. Still, it isn't cheap by any means at $32 a day. offers reasonably-priced offsite parking at SeaTac Airport at less than $5/day.

How much does SeaTac short term parking cost?

Short -term parking at SeaTac Airport starts from $5/hour. Short term parking prices at the General parking garage is are $5 for an hour, and maxes out at $32 for a day. Parking prices at the Terminal parking garage are $6 for an hour, reaching a daily maximum of $39.

How much does SEA long term parking cost?

SEA long term parking rates are pretty steep, at $32/day for parking at the General parking garage and $39/day for parking at the Terminal parking garage. Offsite lots offer way cheaper SEA long term parking rates starting at less than $5/day!

Is there free parking at SeaTac Airport?

Yes, there is free parking at SeaTac Airport. SeaTac Airport has a cell phone lot located across the S. 170th Street exit of the Airport Expressway. The SeaTac Airport cell phone lot has 200 parking spaces and free WiFi! You can park here for a maximum of 20 minutes while waiting to pick up friends or family. Note that drivers must stay with their vehicles at all times while in the cell phone lot.

Does SeaTac Airport have EV charging stations?

Yes, SeaTac Airport has 48 Electric Vehicle parking spaces on the fifth floor of General parking garage and the fourth floor of the Terminal Direct garage.

Is it safe to park at SeaTac Airport?

All the airport parking options we offer on offer secure SeaTac parking. Most of the parking lots you'll find here have CCTV surveillance, fencing, and round-the-clock security.

Is there hotel parking at SeaTac Airport?

Yes, several hotels near the airport offer park and fly SeaTac options. These include

Where can I find SeaTac discount parking?

If you're lucky, you can snag a SeaTac parking coupon on sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates. You can also find great parking deals and SeaTac discount parking through websites like

October 2021